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We are the perfect team!
Ensuring the perfect balance of quality, price and speed with each project.


PCHELI Ltd. is a modern and developing enterprise.

Which specializes in metal processing.

In 2015, PCHELI OOD began its work as an enterprise for the production of auto parts and other goods according to customer drawings, at the moment we have modern CNC turning and milling machines.

We produce stamping and punching operations on the press. Provides services for electric arc welding. And mechanical assembly work.

Services in hot galvanizing, and other various types of metal coatings.

Our catalog contains samples of serial and small-scale metal and plastic products made on CNC turning and milling machines, including heat treatment and various types of protective galvanic coatings.

We produce various products according to customer drawings, ranging from screws and bushings to housing products made of metal and plastic.

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